Group Coaching: Brittany Barden

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Group Coaching: Brittany Barden

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Understanding strengths and values and how to tap into those successfully in work and life.
The focus of the group is on bridging the gap between life and work. We explore how you are motivated, where you want to see your values, strengths, and motivations apply in your next steps, and provide the accountability and action-oriented focus as you move forward.

Topics covered include:
-Values: understand personal values, work values, and how the two work together.

-Strengths: explore StrengthsFinder 2.0 to know your strengths and how to maximize them in the workplace.

-Motivation: discover meaning in your work and understand your personal motivation.

-Productivity: how to balance everything on your plate, make the tough calls to prioritize, and use your time efficiently.

-Delegating & Self-Managing: learn when to own something, when to take initiative, and when to delegate.

-Relational Capital: how to build and maintain healthy relationships inside and outside the workplace.

Date: Starts March 21st

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