StudentHero exists to support students of all ages in becoming the best version of themselves they can be.

Whether you're a high school student figuring out the future, a college freshman managing a busy schedule, a recent college grad looking to launch into your career, or a hardworking adult going back to school, you have dreams. You're in this for a reason. You want to be a better you, tackle your greatest desires, and achieve your dreams.

We believe you can do it.

The path to your dreams often starts with a single step. Meet our coaches and take that step today. Be the hero of your own story.


Meet Our Team



edward MaCDONALD

CKO | Adventure Hero | Certified Coach

Life coaching is a journey of awareness and action generated through intuitive listening and powerful questions. As your coach, it is my privilege to partner with you on that journey up the road of life. For over five years, I have been an enthusiastic and encouraging catalyst towards growth for over 300 clients, and I look forward to doing the same for you. I aim to help my clients thrive, cultivating the mindsets and behaviors necessary to improve relationships with time and money, and clarify and achieve dreams for the future. 

When I'm not coaching, I immerse myself in fine coffee, travel, deep friendships, and adventures in the outdoors with my two dogs, Annie and Sammy. 





CEO | Professional Certified Coach

As a Professional Certified Coach with over 7 years experience, I have had the privilege of working with more than 200 clients. I come alongside college seniors and recent college graduates as you transition from the intensity of school to a successful and fulfilling job. We will address anxiety and stress surrounding the job search, streamlining your life to prioritize career goals, and honing actions that will help you land a job you love.

I enjoy exploring the wilderness of Colorado, travel, laughter, life coaching, speaking to teens, organizing, dark chocolate and chai lattes, history and allegories, friends old and new, and learning to embrace this crazy, beautiful thing we call life.

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Joshua shi

CMO | Certified Coach

From your first breath, you are instilled with limitless potential. The world needs your unique skills, talents, gifts, and abilities. Yet, sometimes all of this seems locked away--far from our reach (I know it did for me). Frustration and fear slowly creep into our lives causing us to atrophy away from who we are meant to be. Coaching is the key that develops the self-awareness needed to unlock our potential and win at life. As a certified coach, it is my pleasure to help you live a passion-filled life and have some fun along the way.

Outside of coaching, you’ll find me having conversations with a side of espresso, sailing catamarans at the slightest hint of a breeze, or pursuing new adventures with the people I love. I’m looking forward to the thrilling journey ahead.

Cassandra Porath

Certified Ramsey Financial Coach

As a coach, I have worked with over 200 clients, walking alongside college students as they earned their degree and transitioned into careers. As a certified Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach, I will support you in taking control of your money and living in financial freedom you never thought possible. Saving for college? Paying off student loans? Ready to travel, adventure, and enjoy life? I will support you in achieving whatever your financial goals may be so you can be free to pursue your dreams.

I enjoy sitting out in the sun with a good book, taking walks with my dog, adventures, and long chats with friends.